Criminal Code Amendment

The Criminal Code of Canada governs why people can be incarcerated in Canada. Unfortunately, the Criminal Code section for abortion was struck down by the Supreme Court in R. v. Morgentaler in 1988. In the concurrence of the majority opinion...

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Late-Term Abortion Ban

An overwhelming number of Canadians believe that abortion should be illegal after 24 weeks gestation (the second trimester). While many people who are not pro-life will claim that abortions do not occur after the third trimester, according to recent...

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Unborn Victim Of Crimes Act

It is not rare that when violent crimes are committed against a pregnant woman, they are also committed against the child in the womb. Sometimes the child in the womb is specifically targeted with slashes, bruising from blows and other violent acts to her abdomen, if not death.

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Defunding Abortion

One of the most effective things to reduce abortion numbers without criminalizing abortion is defunding abortion procedures. In Canada, abortion services are covered by provincial health care plans in every province. Given that healthcare is taxpayer-funded in every province, this...

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Parental Consent

Parental consent is require for school field trips, the ability to join a club sports team and often times even for indoor tanning salons; but across Canada there are no requirements for parental consent in any province.

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Ultrasound Laws

Often times, prior to an operation on your body, your doctor and medical team will review the operation with you. They will inform you of how the procedure works, what will be done to your body, and frequently review any...

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