Andrew Scheer Funding Abortions Overseas

RightNow calls on Andrew Scheer to stop violating his own party policies and stop using tax-payer dollars to fund abortions overseas


OTTAWA, ON (October 2, 2019) – Political pro-life organization RightNow is calling on Andrew Scheer to stop violating his own party policies in light of his recent foreign aid announcement yesterday in Toronto. Scheer responded to questions by the press on abortion funding by stating that groups “that are receiving funding will continue to receive funding in the future”.


“The Conservative Party of Canada policy is clear; the grassroots voted that abortion should be explicitly excluded from Canada’s maternal and child health program in countries where Canadian aid is delivered,’” said Scott Hayward, Co-Founder and President of RightNow.


“Party leaders should not be in the practice of violating party policy. It shows a lack of regard for the grassroots and is politically imprudent, especially since it was adopted just over one year ago by a clear majority of the party members,” said Hayward.

In June 2018, it was also revealed by Conservative Member of Parliament Garnett Genuis through a series of questions during a meeting of the Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs, that Minister Chrystia Freeland lied after stating the Liberal government did not fund organizations that were engaging in illegal acts, including illegal abortions. It was later revealed under the Feminist International Assistance Policy in the 2018 federal budget, that the government had given $15 million dollars over four years to Marie Stopes along with $4-million dollars that was pledged to the organization by International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau during the She Decides International Conference in Brussels last year.


“It is a well-known fact that Marie Stopes International performs illegal abortions. The organization’s senior officials have confirmed it,” said Alissa Golob, co-founder of RightNow. “The organization is so irresponsible in their care for women, even their legal clinics have tragically been responsible for the deaths of healthy, young women due to their extreme negligence. We, along with the majority of Conservatives, do not agree with Andrew Scheer’s decision to follow in Trudeau’s footsteps by continuing to fund organizations that illegal abortions.”


This election RightNow has been working to replace pro-abortion MPs with pro-life ones in key swing ridings across the country as part of their Operation 50 campaign.

“Regarding pro-life Conservative candidates, I am concerned about demotivating the 40% of Quebecers and 46% of Ontarians who support defunding abortions overseas to the point that they do not come out to vote on October 21st, or worse vote for other, less-winnable options in their ridings. I am convinced that this policy stance could cause many Conservative candidates to lose their elections in tight swing ridings in the Greater Toronto Area, MetroVancouver, and other areas across Canada, including in Quebec,” said Hayward.

 “Our organization is officially calling on Andrew Scheer to stop violating his own party policies as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and amend his foreign aid policy to fund initiatives that unite, rather than divide Canadians”, said Golob.  

About RightNow:

RightNow is a not-for-profit organization committed to nominating and electing pro-life candidates along with educating and engaging pro-life Canadians on the political process. Regardless of faith, politics, or background, RightNow works with people across the country to stand up for human rights for all human beings.


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ALISSA GOLOB 587-435-0166
SCOTT HAYWARD 204-573-0296

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