Pro-life success at Conservative Party of Canada policy convention

Pro-life success at Conservative Party of Canada policy convention

OTTAWA, ON (March 20, 2021) – Pro-lifers are taking stock of their success at the 2021 Conservative Party of Canada policy convention. Of the roughly 4,000 full voting delegates present, RightNow accounted for over 25% of the full voting delegates.


“We were able to pass the five policy proposals we supported at this Convention and saw 32 of the 35 constitutional amendments go our way,” said RightNow Co-founder and President Scott Hayward.


After winning numerous delegate selection meetings, RightNow worked with a number of other pro-life organizations to create a winning coalition for the policy convention. While the pro-life movement far exceeded the EDA vote goal during the IdeasLab policy voting process, the movement was not able to successfully secure enough votes to get the two pro-life policies to the plenary session of the convention.


“Some pro-life organizations are making unreasonable insinuations that there was a conspiracy that pro-life policies did not get through. However, it is apparent to us that pro-lifers have yet to take their rightful place on Conservative EDA boards of directors across the country. We fully expect that pro-lifers will continue to get further involved in the Conservative Party of Canada coming out of this convention,” said RightNow Co-founder and Executive Director Alissa Golob.


In addition to earning incredible success in the policy proposal and constitutional amendment process, RightNow was able to vote in a majority on the National Council, which is essentially the board of directors of the party. The National Council makes vital decisions such as appointing the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (the body that establishes the rules of the party's leadership race) and acts as the final arbiter for candidates who have been disqualified by the National Candidate Selection Committee. 


“Now that we have further established pro-lifer's voices within the party structure, we will be working with our 30,000 supporters across Canada to prepare for a potential election later this spring,” concluded Hayward.

About RightNow:

RightNow is a not-for-profit organization committed to nominating and electing pro-life candidates along with educating and engaging pro-life Canadians on the political process. Regardless of faith, politics or background, RightNow works with people across the country to stand up for human rights for all human beings.


Media Contacts:

ALISSA GOLOB 647-678-0166
SCOTT HAYWARD 204-573-0296


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