Late-Term Abortion Ban

An overwhelming number of Canadians believe that abortion should be illegal after 24 weeks gestation (the second trimester). While many people who are not pro-life will claim that abortions do not occur after the second trimester, according to recent data compiled by the CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information) approximately 9% of all abortions procured in Canada in 2019 were in the later portion of or past the second trimester.

This means that around 9,000 children are aborted every year in Canada in later gestational ages. While it is ideal to get a complete ban on abortion legally, a late-term abortion ban can be achieved a lot quicker because according to a recent DART poll, 70% of Canadians disagree with late-term abortion.  

Without giving up the fight for the protection for all children in the womb from conception onward, we can find common ground with a great majority of Canadians and get protections for at least 9,000 babies every single year.


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