Parental Consent

Parental consent is require for school field trips, the ability to join a club sports team and often times even for indoor tanning salons; but across Canada there are no requirements for parental consent in any province. 

While the latest abortion numbers are still being kept from the public by most of Canada’s largest provinces, studies show that over 16,000 teenage girls get an abortion every year in Canada.

An abortion is a very serious decision. It ends the life of the child in the womb and can cause deep psychological and health effects on a young woman for years. In order to best help their daughters, parents and legal guardians of minor females seeking an abortion should be required to give consent for the abortion to be performed.

Statistics also show that in the United States, parental consent laws have decreased abortion numbers by upwards of 42%. Even if only half of minor females in Canada are not granted parental consent for their requested abortions, over 8,000 babies could be saved every year.

To see Parental Consent SK's campaign to implement a law that protects minors from abortion, click here. 


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