Ultrasound Laws

Often times, prior to an operation on your body, your doctor and medical team will review the operation with you. They will inform you of how the procedure works, what will be done to your body, and frequently review any x-ray or MRI scans of the area of your body on which they will operate.

If we are to treat the procurement of abortion as any regular medical procedure, then these steps should also be taken. Ultrasound laws are important for women’s health. Every other facet of medicine requires patients be better informed about the health decisions they make. If we agree that women are smart enough to make their own decisions, why are we not giving them all the facts first? Not to mention ultrasound technology reveals if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy which is important, because if she ingests the increasingly popular chemical abortion regiment available in Canada and has an unknown ectopic pregnancy, she has placed herself in an extremely dangerous situation. Ultrasound laws are smart, safe and necessary for women’s health.

In fact, according to recent studies, women in American states with some sort of ultrasound disclosure law were 25.4% less likely to get an abortion than women in states with no ultrasound disclosure law.

What does this mean?

If every province instituted such a law, abortions could potentially decrease up to 25.4% across Canada, or by over 25,000 every single year.


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