Defunding Abortion

One of the most effective things to reduce abortion numbers without criminalizing abortion is defunding abortion procedures. In Canada, abortion services are covered by provincial health care plans in every province. Given that healthcare is taxpayer-funded in every province, this means that abortion procedures are paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Each provincial health care plan has a list of medically necessary services. Currently, each province lists abortion as a medically necessary service. With the advancement of medical science and fetology, there are very few medical reasons to procure an abortion. Below, the Guttmacher Institute shows that the majority of abortions are done because of personal preference than medical necessity. 















Using the most recent statistics that are publicly available, there are approximately 100,000 abortions procured in Canada every year. It costs approximately $1,000for an abortion procedure. Combining these numbers, abortions cost $100-million every year to Canadian taxpayers.

Instead of funding abortions, our medical care systems could:


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