Unborn Victim Of Crimes Act

It is not rare that when violent crimes are committed against a pregnant woman, they are also committed against the child in the womb. Sometimes the child in the womb is specifically targeted with slashes, bruising from blows and other violent acts to her abdomen, if not death.

Again, this is common ground that pro-lifers can share with those who are not pro-life. If pro-choice Canadians are truly pro-choice, they should also be supporting and defending a woman’s choice to carry her child to term without harm.

Currently, no law exists to charge the assailant with additional charges for causing harm to the child in the womb. According to a Nanos poll released in 2016, 70% of Canadians (including 75% of women) wanted to see this type of legislation passed.

An unborn victims of crime act would help both to protect women and their children in the womb.


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