RightNow Door-Knocking Campaign

If politicians are so eager to identify new supporters when they door-knock during an election period, then the pro-life movement should be following this proven strategy because they've shown us it works. Polling shows that there are over 5 million pro-life voters in Canada, which means it's our job as pro-lifers to find these people. The best way to do that is by knocking on their door. 

In between election cycles, RightNow will be putting together teams of door-knockers to go out and identify new pro-life voters by asking them to sign a petition. Whether it’s defunding abortion in Alberta, parental consent in Saskatchewan or banning late-term abortion in Ontario, we know that the majority of Canadians support these causes, which means gathering contact information en masse. If people at the door agree to sign the petition, we are not only gathering more names for our cause, we are also gathering the contact information of new pro-life supporters. If they refuse to sign the petition, we say thank-you and move on. Our goal is not to argue with anyone, or even get them to change their mind. We leave that to the educational arm of the pro-life movement that is doing fantastic and effective campaigns changing hearts and minds every day. Our goal is to identify new pro-life supporters across the country to intensify their vote by election day, and get them involved in the pro-life movement. 

RightNow will supply you with t-shirts, clipboards, a map, and a simple petition and tracking sheet. We will schedule a canvassing time with all volunteers to meet, pair up, and go to the location on your assigned map. All you have to do is knock on each door, ask the homeowner if they would be willing to sign your petition, and while they are signing, ask where they stand on the issue of abortion. The tracker (your partner) will then record their answers. When they are finished, thank them and move on. That’s it! If people do not want to sign the petition, you politely go to the next house. We don’t want you to argue or debate with anyone. All we want you to do is identify, identify, identify. It’s about growing the pro-life movement exponentially so that when election-time comes, we’re ready.

The more people our team of door-knockers can identify, the more pro-life voters we have, the more volunteers we have and the bigger our movement becomes, showing that the pro-life cause transcends party affiliation, ethnicity and gender. 

It's easy. It's effective. No one ever gets mad at you. And above all: it works. 

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