An engaging, informative, and professional presentation evidencing what needs to be pursued to bring life-saving laws to Canada.

- Francine Lee,LL.B. (Manitoba)
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Did you know that one door-knocker increases voter supporter turnout by 12%? That could be the difference between a pro-life candidate winning or losing an election.

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RightNow offers a unique presentation that educates, directs and activates people towards the goal of legislative success in Canada.  It’s not just about what laws we can pass, it’s about how we can pass them. It’s about how each pro-life supporter can single-handedly be the difference between a pro-life candidate winning or losing an election. Our presentations effectively demonstrates how to vote in a nomination as well as volunteer for your local pro-life candidate, so that we can gain political capital in Canada once and for all. Due to our extensive experience working not only in the pro-life movement, but also in political campaigns across the country, our talks are experiential and passionate, with the goal of leaving the audience informed and ready for political action.


People are inspired to join thousands of other Canadians across the country to get involved in nominations, elections, door-knocking and more. The more pro-life politicians we actively help elect, the closer we become to passing life-saving legislation.

Experiences and stories from long-serving youth activists

The latest updates on political issues on both a provincial and federal scale.

Discover how easy political action really is in leadership races, nominations and elections.

Gain an in-depth understanding of what needs to be done to achieve legislative success in Canada, grounded in statistics and studies.

Receive support from a cross-country movement of people working towards the same goals.


My students welcomed their thoughtful and engaging approach with appreciation and a genuine sense of conviction. Every teacher in my department wanted them back. We had many students change their pro-choice views to pro-life because of their reasoned, informative and respectful presentation. I strongly recommend bringing RightNow into your school.

-Paul Coates, high school teacher and Religion Chair

We at RightNow understand the importance of getting young people educated and informed on the abortion issue, which is why we offer a standard presentation to both public and private high school students explaining the ethics and logic behind the pro-life position. With a wide array of videos and social media content along with an interactive question and answer period, students are able to fill out feedback forms after the presentation to show where they stand after they get the facts. Although our organization focuses on the political side of the pro-life movement, our high school presentation is apolitical, focusing more on the ethical debate surrounding abortion rather than what laws should be put in place.

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I went from pro-choice to pro-lifebecause I never knew how the abortion procedure was done before or how many people went through with the abortion procedure in Canada. I thought the presentation was very eye-opening and I will be pro-life until the day I die.

-Grade 12 student (feedback form)


Students are inspired to change their view on the issue of abortion and are equipped to make educated and responsible decisions. They are also motivated to become more involved in a growing pro-life movement full of young, energetic and enthusiastic youth.

The abortion issue introduced in a non-judgmental and sensitive way.

The science behind the abortion debate.

Stories and personal testimonies.

Facts and studies about the effects abortion has on women and children.

Common questions about the issue answered to full satisfaction.

An opportunity for an open discussion with the students. Our high school presentations are not religious and not political.

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