My name is Oriyana Hayward and I am wife to Scott Hayward, RightNow's President and co-founder. I have always admired my husband's tireless commitment to the pro-life cause and his desire to fill an unmet need in the political arm of the pro-life movement by focusing solely on helping nominate and elect pro-life politicians. 

Having worked with many people in the pro-life movement myself, Scott and Alissa are among the most dedicated to advancing the pro-life cause. Scott and I were married in October of this year, and with this new commitment and the changes in Alissa's life, their ability to travel for extensive periods of time to build up the pro-life movement in riding across the country is now limited. 

That is why I am writing to you.


Today is Giving Tuesday - a day dedicated to people making a donation to a not-for-profit organization. I am asking you to please prayerfully consider making a monthly donation to RightNow so that Scott and Alissa can hire more employees to continue their vital and life-giving work. Without the funds to be able to expand their staff soon, I am concerned that both my husband and Alissa will have to choose between growing their families or growing RightNow. Your contribution can the difference and allow them to do both!

On behalf of Canadian pre-born children, thank you in advance for your kind generosity and and investment in RightNow.


My name is Aaron Renner, and I am the husband of RightNow's co-founder and Executive Director, Alissa Golob. A few months ago we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Abigail. A few days later, Alissa bundled Abigail up and put her in her carrier, and attended the Life Chain in Calgary. Abigail was less than week old when she did her first form of pro-life activism, and I'm sure it won't be her last. 


The pro-life movement is very new to me. Even though my family has always been pro-life, this issue was not one I thought very much about until I met Alissa. It was my first real exposure to the movement, which meant diving in head first!

That being said, her passion about defending human life is one of the things I find most attractive about her. When we were dating, it was strange for me to have her spend a month in Ontario to help pro-life candidates during the election. It was even stranger to watch her on television doing interviews or RightNow's live-election coverage for election night. But I've learned a lot being with her, and I also know that I've helped her see things from a different perspective at times as well.

Now that we have our first child, I know Alissa is even more passionate about the cause, but I also know that it will be more difficult for her to travel, even though she loves connecting with supporters across the country. That's why I'm asking for you to consider becoming a monthly donor to RightNow on this Giving Tuesday. Not only will it help the organization grow, it will allow Alissa to spend more time with her family, while young and enthusiastic new employees can travel the country, campaign, and train new volunteers. I'm excited to see the new and effective things RightNow can do with more employees and even more excited to see the lives that are changed and saved.

Aaron Renner and Oriyana Hayward


PS: We are asking that you consider making a monthly donation. Scott and Alissa  need monthly donations to be confident in make hiring decisions. Your $50/month donation will be more helpful for hiring more people than your $1,000 one-time donation.

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