Peter MacKay Interview


            Unfortunately after numerous attempts, Peter MacKay did not respond to our interview requests. Here are some quotes he has said in the media about life issues. 

"If you are called to save lives, you shouldn’t be forced to end them. The government is bringing in a new law on medical assisted suicide. The Supreme Court of Canada has made it clear –dying is a right. It’s up to us protect the rights of doctors and nurses who have made it their life’s mission to save lives. Nobody should be forced to end a life. If Trudeau’s government get this wrong, like so many other things, it will be up to us to fix it. I pledge to protect the conscience rights of medical practitioners." - Campaign e-mail, Feb 19, 2020 


Peter Mackay:
I want to be clear... I am pro-choice, I am pro-equal marriage, and with respect to private member's bills, individual members of parliament under the westminster tradition which is in our parliament, they are permitted to bring forward those bills. However I would never lead a party or a government that would advocate for restricting access or ever bringing back any changes to the law as it pertains to access.

Interviewer: If there were to be a private member's bill introduced that did aim to do those things that you just outlined, would you whip the vote?

Peter MacKay:
I would vote against it and I would have the front bench vote with me which would be against it. 

Interviewer: So front bench meaning your cabinet?

Peter MacKay: Correct. 

(CBC News, February 25th, 2020) 

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