RU486 Saskatchewan

Say "no" to funding Mifegymiso (abortion pill) in Saskatchewan!

We, the undersigned residents of Saskatchewan draw the attention of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan to the following:

Whereas, at least one Canadian woman died from septic shock during Mifegymiso trials in Canada in 2001;

Whereas, at least 24 women have died from Mifegymiso according to the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2018;

Whereas, at least 20% of women in American Mifegymiso trials experienced nausea and vomitting and 5% experienced uterine bleeding;

Whereas, the Province of Saskatchewan recently announced that they would being funding Mifegymiso with taxpayer funds;

Therefore, we, the undersigned petitioners, call upon Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan to:

stop funding Mifegymiso (abortion pill) prescriptions in the Province of Saskatchewan with the use of taxpayer funds from Saskatchewan residents. 

(Your contact information will be inputted into the RightNow HQ Canada, Saskatchewan Pro-life Association, and National Campus Life Network databases)



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