How do you choose which candidates to support?



If a pro-life candidate asks for our help, the first thing we do is have a phone or face-to-face conversation with them about where they stand on life issues both personally and politically. We discuss elements of their campaign and what they're in need of or want from the pro-life movement. We then take that information back to discuss internally. 

If we are being asked to get involved in a nomination, before we make any decision about who to support, we attempt to contact other candidates we know are running in the riding to find out if any of them are pro-life also. 

If there is more than one pro-life candidate, depending on the situation of the riding, we will help the candidate we feel is most winnable, based on estimated membership sales, organization of the campaign and other important external factors. If it is clear that a pro-life candidate will win the nomination regardless of our involvement, we will focus our efforts on more urgent ridings and instead help the winning pro-life candidate recruit volunteers and door-knock during the general election instead. 

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