RightNow congratulates new pro-life Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer

RightNow congratulates new pro-life Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer

TORONTO, ON (May 27, 2017) – Political pro-life organization RightNow congratulated Andrew Scheer on becoming the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada after a hard-fought battle with several other candidates looking to fill this coveted position.

“Andrew has always been a strong pro-life candidate that has defended the rights of members of parliament to freely vote on these issues as well as bring them up in parliament,” said Alissa Golob, co-founder of RightNow, a non-profit organization committed to nominating and electing pro-life candidates.

RightNow sold thousands of memberships throughout the leadership campaign, encouraging pro-life voters to fully rank their ballot with all 10 candidates. Rankings were based off three criteria; pro-life voting record, winnability and policies and positions moving forward that were based on an interview with the candidate conducted by the organization.

“We are happy that we now have a leader that supports common-sense policies such as Cassie and Molly’s law and promoting maternal and child health overseas instead of abortion,” said Golob.

Scheer told RightNow that he was pleased the Harper government did not fund abortion with their maternal and child health strategy and that it was important for a Prime Minister to respect the right of individual MP’s to speak out and introduce matters that are important to them.


“Andrew is a leader we are excited to work with because of his voting record, positive pro-life policies and his goal to unite the party and accept that social conservatives need to be part of the conversation," said Scott Hayward, co-founder of RightNow.

About RightNow:

RightNow is a not-for-profit organization committed to nominating and electing pro-life candidates along with educating and engaging pro-life Canadians on the political process. Regardless of faith, politics or background, RightNow works with people across the country to stand up for human rights for all human beings.


Media Contacts:

ALISSA GOLOB 647-678-0166
SCOTT HAYWARD 204-573-0296

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