Besides being a member of a political party, one of the easiest ways to exert pro-life influence within the party is to become a member of the EDA Board of Directors.

What does the EDA Board of Directors do?

The EDA Board of Directors is responsible for the affairs of the party in the local riding. They are responsible for:

  • Increasing membership to the party in the riding
  • Fundraising to transfer funds to the next federal candidate to win the next federal election
  • Increasing the profile of the party in the riding by attending events such as religious celebrations, summer fairs, sporting events, amongst other like-events

However, they are also responsible for planning and running the following meetings within the riding:

  • Annual General Meeting (where EDA board members are elected)
  • Nomination meeting (where the party’s candidate in the next election is selected)
  • Delegate Selection Meeting (where the EDA’s delegates to the national policy convention are selected)

Most parties require that the EDA board of directors inform the membership in the EDA of these meetings at least 21 days in advance.

How long is my term as a member of the EDA Board of Directors?

The entire board is elected at each Annual General Meeting, which is typically held in the spring. The term for each member of the EDA is about one year, or from when they are first elected at the Annual General Meeting until the next Annual General Meeting.

A member of an EDA board can be re-elected as many times as they wish. 

Are all EDA board members equal?

Yes and no.

Yes, each vote of each member of the EDA board is equal and counted as one.

No, the EDA board of directors will elect amongst itself an executive. The Executive, which normally constitutes of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary come with different duties and powers:




  • Call EDA board meetings
  • Chair EDA board meetings
  • Set agenda for EDA board meetings

Vice President

  • Fill in for the President if not available or vacates the office


  • Provides the bookkeeping for the EDA
  • Must have the EDA financial statements audited
  • Submit audited financial statements to Elections Canada


  • Records and distributes meeting minutes to fellow EDA board members

*Presidents also have certain powers to elect certain positions in political parties. For example, only EDA Presidents in the Conservative Party of Canada elect members to the National Policy Committee


So why does this matter to pro-lifers?

Being a member of a political party is a great first step. However, being a member of the EDA board goes even further for advancing the pro-life cause, politically. As a member of the EDA board, you will know and have influence through your vote and voice at the table as to when and where nominations, AGM’s and delegate selection meetings take place.

With this knowledge, you will be able to gather other pro-lifers who are members of the party (or if they’re pro-life and not members of the party, get them to join) so that they may attend these meetings. By having pro-life members of the party attend and vote at these meetings, you can help nominate a pro-life candidate, elect more pro-lifers to the EDA board and elect pro-lifers as delegates to the national policy convention.

We can help you navigate and organize this in your party within your riding. Join RightNow today and get a hold of us and we will begin this important process with you!

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