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If you registered to be a delegate at the upcoming 2021 Conservative Policy Convention happening online from March 18-20th, and more than 10 people signed up to be delegates in your riding, you will have received an e-mail to submit a "delegate biography submission" to introduce you to the members of the party in your riding so that they will vote for you in the upcoming delegate selection meeting. The deadline to upload your biography is January 31st, 9:00 PM ET. 

We have created an easy "how-to" guide for you to use to submit your biography below. Do not submit more than 200 words or your application will be disqualified. 


A 200-word bio is quite short. Stay positive and concise as you write about why you would make a great delegate. Remember, this is NOT the time to be humble and emphasize your perceived weaknesses or to downplay what you bring to the table by saying that you are new to this. This is the time to shine. Highlight your strengths. If you are new to this process, that's great. You can say that you bring a valuable and fresh perspective to the table. The following is a simple outline to help you get started. Remember, it's only a guide so make sure you use your instincts.


1st paragraph: Community Focus: 
- where do you live? 
- how long have you lived in the riding?
- who are you? Young professional, homeschooling mother of 3, 9th grader, etc
- Community involvement/initiatives, including:
  • Your local job
  • If you run a business, details on that and the impact it makes on your community - number of people you employ, tourist dollars you bring to the riding, etc
  • Volunteering - charities, boards, homeless shelters, church, etc (when possible, target this based on the audience, if you know them. ie if you EDA is full of church members, talk about your work at church). 

2nd paragraph: Conservative beliefs & involvement

- Why are you a conservative? 
  • Emphasize prudent social conservative narrative - things like subsidiarity, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, individual responsibility, focus on the family, etc
  • Your vision for a more conservative Canada. Ie: a country/government that spends responsibly and empowers Canadians to stand on their own two feet and succeed; a government that gives people a hand up, not a hand out, etc 
- Conservative or political involvement - in all cases, emphasize specific roles (ie Policy Chair of the EDA, Volunteer Coordinator on a campaign in 2019, etc). Include involvement at local, provincial, or federal levels. 
  • EDA board member or executive
  • Any political volunteering
  • Any campaign work
  • Any political jobs you may have held
  • Attendance at past conventions 
  • Voting, lawn signs, donations all count - no Party involvement is too small! 
  • Why you look forward to getting more involved now and in the future! 
  • Looking forward to serving the members going forward 

Example Autobiography: 

My name is _____, and I am married to my lovely wife ______. We have five young and amazing children. I run my own video production company out of my home which has given me the great opportunity of connecting with many businesses all while being able to spend quality time with my family. I am able to utilize my business background and present fun and useful ideas to plan events and serve the community. I have been a supporter of the Conservative Party for over a decade, and volunteered for candidates in the last election. I’ve also been a donor and will take any opportunity to defend conservative principles. I am an avid defender of lower taxes, freedom of speech/ conscience and individual responsibility. I believe my experiences as a Conservative, a professional, and a husband and father make me an excellent candidate to be selected to serve as a delegate. I am a proud Canadian and I look forward to working hard as I serve party members throughout this process. This is an exciting opportunity and an honour for me to be able to represent my local riding and to be able to do more in the Party.

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