Will RightNow be supporting pro-life PPC candidates?



Not at this time. Currently, the People's Party of Canada is polling consistently at 1-3% whereas the Conservative Party of Canada is consistently polling at 35-37% across the country. With no differences between each party leaders' positions when it comes to life issues, and Andrew Scheer having a greater pro-life voting record, there’s nothing additional the PPC is offering that pro-life supporters can’t find in other larger political parties during the 2019 federal election.


RightNow is a non-partisan organization, which means we are eager and willing to support candidates from any and all parties across Canada. That being said, we also realize that the money and time of pro-life supporters is valuable, which means we need to focus on helping candidates that have the greatest chances of winning. Politics is a numbers game, and if the numbers show that there is no chance for a candidate in a fringe or independent party to get elected, we do not have the current volunteer or financial capacity to help them win at this point in time. We need to ensure that as a pro-life organization, we are doing our due  diligence in helping pro-life candidates that have the greatest chance of winning, but just need the pro-life movement to help get them across the finish line. 

That being said, let's take a look at each party's stances when it comes to life issues. 

People's Party of Canada

Leader: Maxime Bernier 

"People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier says his party's policies will not include anything to do with abortion..."

"Bernier said any of his candidates is free to speak out against abortion or gender identity but their views will not be the party's policy. "That's all personal belief but it is not part of our campaign," he said."

"That platform is the same one he used to campaign for the Conservative leadership in 2017, including phasing out supply management for food products, reducing the number of immigrants Canada accepts and stopping all government subsidies and handouts to businesses in favour of cutting their taxes."

"Bernier has marched in pride parades and is also known to be pro-choice."

- January 29th, 2019- CTV News


Maxime Bernier pro-life voting record: 77%

Conservative Party of Canada

Leader: Andrew Scheer 

"Scheer said he would not bring in any legislation to reopen divisive issues like abortion..."

"He said he welcomes open debate and discussion within the party, but he said he will remain “unequivocal” in his stance that he will not entertain divisive social issues, including the abortion debate."

"[Lisa] Raitt said members have a free vote on matters of conscience – a position Scheer has said he backs."

- August 25, 2018- iPolitics 

Andrew Scheer pro-life voting record: 100%



Statement from Andrew Scheer during the 2017 leadership race: 

I have always voted in favour of pro-life legislation. I voted according to my conscience every time. I spoke out when Henry Morgentaler received the Order of Canada and I was proud to support Molly’s law. That is an important piece of legislation and I’d like to see it before the House again.

I took the lead on making sure the recent Euthanasia laws were tightened and restricted as much as possible to protect the vulnerable. We need to improve it to protect conscience rights for doctors and nurses so that no one would be forced to perform a procedure that was against their beliefs. We also need to ensure protection for young people and people who struggle with mental health issues. These are important measures that I will continue to provide leadership on.

I believe 100% that Members of Parliament have the right to bring forward and debate any legislation of importance to them. Debate is invaluable in a healthy democracy. I’m not just saying it, I’m the only leadership candidate that has proven that by my actions. As Speaker of the House, I issued a ruling which upheld MP Mark Warawa’s right to speak on sex-selective abortion when the Whip attempted to prevent him. I ruled that an MP’s right to speak did not come from their party or leader, but was their democratic right. I will absolutely continue that practice as Leader and Prime Minister. 

Moreover, I have committed that all votes on matters of conscience will be free votes.

I am now taking a lead in the fight against political correctness to restore freedom of speech–whether it’s a pro-life group having their event cancelled at Wilfrid Laurier University; a student newspaper at McGill refusing to print pro-Israel articles; and protest surrounding University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson for his views on gender pronouns. I voted against C-16 because I know Dr. Peterson is on the right side of history in his brave stance against political correctness run amok, and I encouraged my supporters to write to their Senators to try and stop it. A Scheer government will normalize diversity of thought and level the playing field so that everyone is free to express their ideas and beliefs.

It is important that conservatives are united in order to beat Justin Trudeau in 2019. Where Justin Trudeau believes that in order to stand as a Liberal candidate, you must be pro-choice, all Conservatives are welcome in my caucus. Where Conservatives brought forward historic initiatives to promote maternal and child health which were an example to the world, this Prime Minister is spending $650 Million exporting his own ideological agenda.  Let’s be clear, we need to defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019. I have the broad-based support and a positive vision for Canada that I know can beat Justin Trudeau in 2019, and that is what must happen.



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