Rick Peterson Interview


            Unfortunately after numerous attempts, Rick Peterson did not respond to our interview requests. Here are some quotes he has said in the media about life issues.


“We would not reopen the debate on abortion,” Peterson said. “Canadians and Conservatives are looking at the future. We are saying that issue and others have been settled by the courts and the majority of Canada. It will not be defining us or the path we take forward. We will be defined on how we go and create jobs.” - The Valley Leader, March 6, 2020


But support for greater independence of MPs clashes with his stand on what they might do with it. Like Bernier, Peterson is pro-choice and supports gay rights, but parts ways on what dissenting MPs can do. Asked about what he would do about MPs under his leadership bringing forward private members bills dealing with abortion, Peterson told the WS: “It would tell me that they are looking forward to a long career on the backbench of the opposition.” A not-so-subtle sign that MPs that break the party line on social issues will face a prolonged stay in the doghouse, but not much of a departure from caucus policy under Scheer and Harper, both of whom were personally pro-life. - Western Standard, February 8, 2020

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