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Are you interested in making a difference in Canadian politics? Then this internship’s for you. This year-long Ottawa-based internship program teaches people 18-30 the practical aspects of getting elected, and also provides significant brain training on how you need to think in order to be successful in politics.

Key Components

This internship program includes 3 key components, which will each take a roughly equal portion of participants’ time on a weekly basis. These components are:

1. Parliamentary Work Experience
Interns will be matched up with participating Members of Parliament, and have an opportunity to experience the different aspects of parliamentary work. This may include (1) Constituent Correspondence (2) Parliamentary Committee Work (3) Research (4) Legislative Drafting (5) Speech Writing & (6) Question Period Preparation.

2. Practical Political Training As part of their regular schedule, interns will learn and practice cutting edge campaign techniques, from door to door canvassing and phoning to party membership sales and social media outreach. This component of the program will teach interns how to campaign and prepare them to run for office or work on other campaigns in the near future.

3. Intellectual Development This internship program includes daily training sessions, teaching the strategies and the frame of mind required for success in politics. Sessions will be taught in person and via Skype by some of the top political minds in the country.


The Brain & Boot Camp program runs from the beginning of September until the end of August every year. There is no cost to participate in this program. During time in Ottawa, interns will be provided with a regular stipend to cover basic living expenses, and we will provide you with any help we can to find appropriate and reasonably priced accommodation. Where possible, it is generally worthwhile for interns to share accommodation with each other.

The Parliamentary calendar is unpredictable, and interns will, from time to time, be asked to participate in training and campaigning activities in other parts of the country. When outside of Ottawa, interns will have travel and basic expenses covered directly.

All training offered to interns will be free of charge. Our goal is to provide a free, and intense, training experience for top applicants.


This application has 4 required elements: Personal Details, Transcripts, Character References, and Essays. Only applications received by email or through our web contact form will be accepted. Please send an email to containing all 4 of these elements.

1. Personal Details: Please send us your full name, your address, your phone number, your email address, and a brief synopsis of your academic, employment, political and volunteer experience.

2. Transcripts: Please attach, along with your email, copies of your latest transcripts.

3. Character References: Please send us the names and phone numbers of 3 character references. Please do not send letters. Please also ensure that the contact information is up to date, as we will not be accepting applicants until we have spoken to all 3 of their references.

4. Essays: Please compose four short essays in response to the following topics. Essays should be no longer than 500 words.

a. Who is the political figure you admire most and why?

b. Please name a book or piece of literature that has influenced or challenged your political ideology and describe how it shaped your views.

c. What do you believe is meant by “Separation of Church and State”? How should this concept apply or not apply in Canada?

d. What are your career goals? Please describe your planned career path and the steps you plan to take in order to get there. (Note: We are looking for some interns who aspire to careers in elected office, but we are also looking for people interested in a range of other career paths and in playing a supporting role in politics.)

Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, starting on February 28th. (Applicants will maximize their chances of success by applying as early as possible; however, applications received after February 28th will still be accepted, and evaluated, space permitting.)

This program is an initiative of The Wilberforce Project. You can find out more about the Wilberforce Project at If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Wilberforce Project's new Political Coordinator Cameron Wilson at 613-777-6435. Questions from prospective applicants, as well as applications themselves, can also be emailed to

Who's volunteering

Daniel Kelly
Peter Aliktiluk
Beatrice Nakoolak
Odongo Walter
Dixie Anderson
Mary Holtby
Jimmy Vermeer
Minh Vu
Jacqueline Ervin-Yeomans
Michael Kristensen
Agnes Hovland
Christine Mason
Desiree Casmiro
Minh duc vu
Minh duc vu
Minh duc vu
Minh Vu
David King
Ana Rivera
Minh Vu
Minh Vu
Badar Malik
Maureen Fountain
Maureen Fountain
Rosario Goertzen
Rosario Goertzen
Michael Kenyon
Matthew Handrahan

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